Video – Sikorsky Piasecki X-49A Speedhawk Test Flight

This Sikorsky Piasecki X-49A “Speedhawk” flight test video has emerged on YouTube. Piasecki Aircraft is near the end of its initial test run of the X-49A vectored thrust-ducted propeller (VDTP) compound helicopter, a modified Sikorsky H-60. By late October the Sikorsky Piasecki X-49A “Speedhawk” did 24 test flights with a total of 19 hours flight time. [Source]

Link: More information about the Sikorsky Piasecki X-49A Speedhawk

It will be interesting to see if and how the US Army will use this strange ugly bird. Maybe it will be used for some MEDEVAC missions. It will be difficult to fly for sure, with this heavy propeller engine mounted on its tail.

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