Ilyushin 76TD crashed in Khartoum

Today an Ilyushin 76TD operated by Ababeel Aviation crashed on takeoff at Khartoum-Civil Airport (KRT/HSSS), Sudan.
The cargo plane hit an electricity pole shortly after takeoff and then crashed into an empty field, bursting into flames, said Sudan’s state Omdurman radio.
The cargo plane was heading to Juba, in the southern part of the country. All 4 crew members were killed.
This was the second plane crash in Sudan’s capital in a week and the third this month.


Safety Report – 06/30/2008

Date & Time: 06/29/2008 05:15
Location: San Francisco, CA
Aircraft Type: Boeing 767-281(BDSF) Registration: N799AX
Operator: DHL (ABX Air)
Phase: Standing
Damage: Unknown
Injuries & Fatalities: None
Description: While parked caught fire just behind the cockpit. The two persons on board exited safely. The fire was extinguished.

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NTSB Report:

On June 28, 2008 at approximately 10:15 pm pacific daylight time, Airborne Express flight 1611, a Boeing 767 aircraft, registration N799AX, caught fire just aft of the cockpit area while the flightcrew were preparing to start the engines. The airplane was parked at plot 11 at the San Francisco International Airport with all cargo loaded at the time the fire erupted. Both flightcrew members exited the aircraft safely via the cockpit windows. The airport rescue and fire fighting unit (ARFF) extinguished the fire. The fire burned a hole through the crown of the aircraft in the forward galley area. No injuries were reported and the aircraft was substantially damaged.

Source: FAA
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Safety Report – 06/27/2008

Date & Time: 06/20/2008 17:40
Location: Chicago, IL
Aircraft Type: Boeing 747-422 Registration: N194UA
Operator: United Airlines Flight: UAL 835
Phase: Climb
Damage: Unknown
Injuries & Fatalities: None
Description: UAL 835 departed runway 32L enroute to Shanghai Pudong International Airport (ZSPD). The pilot reported striking a large bird, shut down #2 engine due to vibration and returned to the airport. Landed without incident.

Date & Time: 06/27/2008 04:50
Location: New York (JFK), NY
Aircraft Type: Boeing 747-400 Registration: Unknown
Operator: China Airlines Flight: CAL11
Phase: Taxi
Damage: Unknown
Injuries & Fatalities: None
Description: During pushback the aircraft wing struck the vertical stabilizer of a parked Comair CRJ

Source: FAA
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Biman Bangladesh Orders 737-800

Boeing and Biman Bangladesh Airlines today announced an order for two Boeing Next-Generation 737-800s, with purchase rights for two additional 737s. Today’s signing ceremony, held at the U.S. Department of Commerce, was attended by dignitaries from Bangladesh and the United States and also celebrated Biman’s selection of an all-Boeing jet fleet for its future operations.

Biman Bangladesh Boeing 737-800

Biman recently announced an order for four 777-300ERs and four 787-8s with purchase rights for four more of each model type. The airline currently connects Bangladesh with 18 countries around the world, and has agreements in place that will allow it to serve a total of 42 countries as it implements its growth plan.
Biman Bangladesh Airlines, which began as a government-owned national carrier in 1972, became Bangladesh’s largest public limited company in 2007. The purchase of Boeing airplanes represents the largest capital expenditure in the country’s history.

Photo Credit: Boeing
Source: Boeing

Safety Report – 06/24/2008

Date & Time: 06/23/2008 14:48
Location: Newark, NJ
Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-3T0 Registration: N12327
Operator: Continental Airlines Flight: 203
Phase: Standing
Damage: Minor
Injuries & Fatalities: None
Description: While parked at the gate, was struck at the left wingtip by a catering truck

Source: FAA
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Airbus transports first A320 segments to assembly line in China

Airbus S.A.S. LogoAirbus has started transporting the first aircraft segments to the new single-aisle assembly line in Tianjin, China. The assembly process of the first aircraft, which is for Sichuan Airlines, will start in August 2008. Delivery of the aircraft is scheduled for the first half of 2009.

Six jigs loaded with parts for an A320, coming from the Airbus production sites in Europe, departed from Hamburg on a barge. It carries the forward and rear fuselage section, a pair of wings, the horizontal and vertical tailplane and engine pylons. The barge will transport these segments to the nearby container terminal at Hamburg harbour, where they will then be transferred onto a commercial container ship bound for Tianjin. The overall transportation to China will last less than one month.

The final assembly line in China is an important milestone on Airbus’ way to become a global company. It enables Airbus to increase its flexibility in the A320-family production by simultaneously ramping-up the production rate to 40 by 2010. The Chinese final assembly line will mainly produce aircraft for the Chinese market, where Airbus expects the passenger traffic to grow fivefold in the next 20 years, causing a demand of a total of 2,670 new passenger aircraft.

The final assembly line in China is a joint venture between Airbus (51 per cent) and the Chinese industry Consortium (49 per cent). The latter comprises the Tianjin Free Trade Zone (TJFTZ) holding a 60 per cent interest, China Aviation Industry Corporation I (AVIC I) holding 20 per cent, and China Aviation Industry Corporation II (AVIC II) holding 20 per cent of the consortium’s 49 per cent overall share.

Source: Airbus

Photo – 787 Dreamliner Fatigue Airframe Moved From Factory

Boeing recently moved the 787 Dreamliner designated for fatigue testing from the final assembly factory in Everett, Wash., to another production bay at the facility, where assembly work will continue. The move paves the way for the second flight-test airplane to advance to the next position in the production line. The first Dreamliner remains in the nose-to-door position and the third flight-test airplane is in the first position. It will remain there until the fourth flight-test airplane is ready for assembly to begin later this month.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Fatigue Airframe

Source: Boeing
Photo Credit: Boeing

Power On for 787 Dreamliner (Photos)

Boeing has completed the Power On sequence for the first 787 Dreamliner, marking the completion of the next major milestone on the path to first flight later this year.
Power On is a complex series of tasks and tests that bring electrical power onto the airplane and begin to exercise the use of the electrical systems. The 787 is a more-electric airplane with the pneumatic, or bleed air, system being totally replaced by electronics.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Cockpit - Power-On
Boeing 787 Dreamliner Power-On

“The team has made great progress in bringing the bold innovation of the 787 to reality,” said Pat Shanahan, vice president and general manager of the 787 program. “There is plenty of work to be done between now and first flight, but with every step forward we grow more and more confident.”
The Power On sequence began in early June with a series of pretest continuity checks to verify that the wiring installed in the airplane had been connected properly. Upon completion of those checks, the Boeing team plugged in an external power cart and slowly began to bring full power into each segment of the system, beginning with the flight deck displays. From that point forward, the pilot’s controls were used to direct the addition of new systems to the power grid.
At each step of the testing, power is allowed to flow into one additional area and gauges are used to verify that the right level of electrical power reached the intended area. “We are very methodical in ensuring the integrity of the airplane’s systems,” said Shanahan. “In completing the Power On sequence, we have verified both that the electrical power distribution system is installed as designed and that it functions as intended.”
An inside look at the Power On testing sequence will be featured on and beginning Monday June 23 at 5 a.m. PDT.
Work will continue to finish building the first 787 and further test its readiness for operations. First flight is expected in the fourth quarter.

Source: Boeing
Photo Credit: Boeing

Middle East Airlines receives first A330-200 purchased from Airbus

Airbus S.A.S. LogoLebanon’s national carrier, Middle East Airlines (MEA) has taken delivery of its first A330-200 aircraft directly purchased from Airbus. The aircraft was handed over to Mohamad El-Hout, Chairman and Director General, MEA, by Habib Fekih, President, Airbus Middle East, in a delivery ceremony in Toulouse.

The aircraft is part of an order for four Airbus A330-200s placed in 2006 to replace an existing fleet of three leased A330s. MEA has chosen a spacious cabin layout consisting of 44 seats in Cedar Class and 200 in Economy. The A330 is powered by Rolls Royce Trent 772 engines.

MEA flies an all Airbus fleet including six A321s and three leased A330-200s on non-stop routes to Europe, within the Middle East and Africa. The new directly purchased A330s will be deployed to increase capacity on existing routes.

Source: Airbus