747-8F Delayed to Mid-Year 2011

Boeing announced a delay for the 747-8 Freighter with first delivery now expected mid-year 2011.

The company previously indicated that as a result of recent flight-test discoveries/problems, there was a high probability the first 747-8 Freighter delivery would move into 2011. The new delivery schedule follows a thorough assessment of the impact of these discoveries, which include a low-frequency vibration in certain flight conditions and an underperforming aileron actuator. While neither issue requires structural changes to the airplane, they have led to disruptions to certification testing, which the program was unable to offset within the prior schedule.

As a result of this delay, Boeing is going to add a fifth airplane to the flight-test fleet.

Boeing 747-8 Freighter in-flight over western Washington

Photo: Boeing
Source: Boeing

Image – Boeing 747-8 Cockpit

The latest issue of Boeing AERO magazine features an interesting article about the improvements of the 747-8 compared to the 747-400.
Besides new engines (GEnx-2B) that share commonality with the ones used on the 787, new wing design and improved aerodynamics, the flight deck has been redesigned as well.

The new flight deck includes a new flight management computer, integrated approach navigation, global-positioning-landing-system autoland, navigation performance scales, and vertical situation display. Liquid-crystal-display screen technology replaces cathode-ray-tube screens throughout the flight deck.

Boeing 747-8 Cockpit

Electronic flight bag (EFB)
The Boeing Class 3 EFB (optional on the 747-8) brings digital information management to the flight deck; substantially reduces the need for paper; and improves communication among flight crews, dispatchers, and air traffic management.

Vertical situation display (VSD)
The VSD gives pilots a clear view of the airplane’s current and projected flight path. An early warning alerts the crew if the airplane’s trajectory is in conflict with the terrain or deviating from the desired approach path. Graphical presentation of the vertical situation facilitates early detection of path errors, including missed glide slope intercepts.

Flight management computer (FMC)
The new FMC can store all data currently available from the worldwide navigation database and is designed to accommodate the anticipated increase in data in the next 20 years.

Electronic checklist
Comprehensive electronic checklists enhance safety, save time, and reduce the amount of paper that pilots and flight crews must carry on board. Electronic checklists are easy to update, revise, and distribute. Airlines can customize the checklists to conform to their own procedures.

Airport moving map (AMM)
The AMM combines high-fidelity airport taxi charts and an electronic map of airport taxiways, runways, and gates, providing precise navigational signals that show flight crews the airplane’s position on the ground.

Read more at latest AERO issue

Source & Image: Boeing

UPS 747F Down in Dubai

On Friday evening a UPS Boeing 747-44AF (N571UP) crashed shortly after takeoff from Dubai Airport (DXB), UAE. Both crew members have been killed in this accident.
Flight UPS6 was bound from Dubai to Köln/Bonn-Konrad Adenauer Airport (CGN / Cologne) Germany. Eye witnesses have reported they saw that the plane was on fire before it crashed.

Video by Reuters

The aircraft was just three years old, entering UPS service off the Boeing production line in September 2007. The airframe had flown 9977 hours, completing 1764 takeoffs and landings. It was up to date on all maintenance, having just completed a major inspection in June 2010.

Photos at: http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/uae/emergencies/cargo-plane-crashes-in-dubai-1.677268


Boeing 787 First Delivery – New Date

Boeing today announced that it now expects delivery of the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner in the middle of the first quarter 2011.

The delivery date revision follows an assessment of the availability of an engine needed for the final phases of flight test this fall.

While Boeing works closely with Rolls-Royce to expedite engine availability, flight testing across the test fleet continues as planned.

Boeing said last month that the cumulative impact of a series of issues, including supplier workmanship issues related to the horizontal stabilizer and instrumentation delays, could push first delivery of the 787 a few weeks into 2011. The delay in engine availability has extended that estimate to mid-first quarter 2011.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner In Flight

Source & photo: Boeing

AIRES Boeing 737 Crashed in Colombia

An AIRES Colombia Boeing 737-73V (HK-4682) crashed on landing today at San Andres Island-Gustavo Rojas Pinilla Airport (ADZ), Colombia. One passenger died, more than 100 were injured.
Flight 8250 was bound from Bogotá to San Andres Island. According to early reports the airplane may have been hit be a lightning bolt during landing on runway 06. The engines separated from the plane, it crashed on the runway and broke into three sections.
Boeing is sending a team to provide technical support to the Colombia DJAC to assist in the agency’s investigation of the accident, at the invitation of the Colombian authorities.

Video by CNN

Video by elespectador

USAF C-17 Globemaster III Crashed in Alaska

Today a USAF McDonnell Douglas C-17A Globemaster III, assigned to the 3rd Wing at Anchorage-Elmendorf Air Force Base crashed near the AFB. At the time of the accident, the C-17 was on a training mission for the upcoming Arctic Thunder air show.

All four crew members have been killed. Three of the crew were members of the Alaska Air National Guard and the other was active-duty Air Force from Elmendorf.

Source: USAF

Lufthansa Cargo MD11 Crashed in Riyadh

Today a Lufthansa Cargo McDonnell Douglas MD-11F (D-ALCQ) crashed during landing at Riyadh-King Khaled International Airport (RUH), Saudi Arabia. Flight LH8460 was bound from Frankfurt to Hong Kong with stopovers in Riyadh and Sharjah.
Both crew members were able to leave the aircraft down the emergency slide and have been treated in hospital.

The aircraft was delivered in 1993 and taken over by Lufthansa Cargo in 2004. The freighter completed its last comprehensive maintenance check (C-Check) on 22 June 2009, an A-Check was carried out prior to the flight to Riyadh.

Photos: http://www.alriyadh.com/2010/07/27/article547329.html


Source: Lufthansa Cargo

Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Farnborough Airshow

Boeing announced that the 787 Dreamliner will make its international debut this month at the Farnborough International Airshow outside London.

“We’ve chosen Farnborough as a venue for spotlighting the breakthrough capabilities and innovations of both our commercial airplanes and our defense, space and security businesses,” said Tom Downey, senior vice president, Boeing Communications. “We look forward to an optimistic mood this year as industry leaders meet amid signs of economic recovery.”

Boeing 787 Dreamliner (N787FT) ZA003 Test Plane

The 787 flight-test airplane, ZA003, will touch down at Farnborough Sunday, July 18, approximately 9am and will remain on static display through mid-day July 20. The airplane will be open for tours on a scheduled basis July 19 and 20. Boeing is using ZA003 to test and certify seats, galleys and associated cabin safety and comfort systems, among other test points.

Source: Boeing
Photo: Boeing

Cockpit Photos – Inside B-52 Stratofortress

I had the amazing chance to enter a Boeing B-52 Stratofortress and see it from inside. This very plane was built in 1961 and is still on active duty, at least till 2020. It seems like nothing was modernized since then as you can see on the photos below. Climbing through the cramped inside and sitting in the cockpit was quite a surreal experience. Big thanks to the crew!

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