Image – Boeing 747-8 Cockpit

The latest issue of Boeing AERO magazine features an interesting article about the improvements of the 747-8 compared to the 747-400.
Besides new engines (GEnx-2B) that share commonality with the ones used on the 787, new wing design and improved aerodynamics, the flight deck has been redesigned as well.

The new flight deck includes a new flight management computer, integrated approach navigation, global-positioning-landing-system autoland, navigation performance scales, and vertical situation display. Liquid-crystal-display screen technology replaces cathode-ray-tube screens throughout the flight deck.

Boeing 747-8 Cockpit

Electronic flight bag (EFB)
The Boeing Class 3 EFB (optional on the 747-8) brings digital information management to the flight deck; substantially reduces the need for paper; and improves communication among flight crews, dispatchers, and air traffic management.

Vertical situation display (VSD)
The VSD gives pilots a clear view of the airplane’s current and projected flight path. An early warning alerts the crew if the airplane’s trajectory is in conflict with the terrain or deviating from the desired approach path. Graphical presentation of the vertical situation facilitates early detection of path errors, including missed glide slope intercepts.

Flight management computer (FMC)
The new FMC can store all data currently available from the worldwide navigation database and is designed to accommodate the anticipated increase in data in the next 20 years.

Electronic checklist
Comprehensive electronic checklists enhance safety, save time, and reduce the amount of paper that pilots and flight crews must carry on board. Electronic checklists are easy to update, revise, and distribute. Airlines can customize the checklists to conform to their own procedures.

Airport moving map (AMM)
The AMM combines high-fidelity airport taxi charts and an electronic map of airport taxiways, runways, and gates, providing precise navigational signals that show flight crews the airplane’s position on the ground.

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Source & Image: Boeing

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