(Videos) – Tupolev Tu-154M Emergency Landing in Russia

On Tuesday a Tupolev Tu-154M (RA-85684) accomplished an emergency landing in Russia. The plane, operated by Alrosa Mirny Air Enterprise, was bound from Polyarnyj (PYJ/UERP) to Moskva-Domodedovo (DME/UUDD) when suddely all of its electrical systems, radio and navigation systems, flaps and fuel pumps have been lost. According to aviation-safety.net the crew was left with only 3,300kg of usable fuel.
The crew decided to do an emergency landing at an abandoned air strip, too short for a Tu-154. The aircraft overshot the air strip and came to rest 160m past the end of the runway. More info: http://aviation-safety.net

Photos: http://teh-nomad.livejournal.com/576075.html