Video – AeroSur Boeing 747-300 performing spectacular low-pass

Last week the Bolivian Airline AeroSur received its first Boeing 747-300. The pilots performed a spectacular low-pass before landing at Santa Cruz airport.

The plane, painted with a purple bull, is called ‘Torisimo’, a mix of the Spanish words ‘toro’ (bull) and ‘turismo’. AeroSur will put on the 747-300 on flights to Madrid.

Thx to “prop-er” for submitting this news!

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5 thoughts on “Video – AeroSur Boeing 747-300 performing spectacular low-pass”

  1. Those guys almost bought the farm. The left wing came within a few feet of making contact with the runway – if this had happened in the USA, the pilot(s) would have had their tickets yanked.

    There is no room for error in aviation, and these bozos are an accident waiting to happen.

    — Space Rat

  2. Well, I think that in USA doesn’t have any kind of Air Fair , so go to and check a little bit more regarding this (TAP Air Portugal, Malev, etc, etc). Maybe in USA there are not good pilots?