2nd Airbus A380 delivered to Singapore Airlines

Ten days earlier than planned, the second production Airbus A380 (MSN005 – 9V-SKB) was handed over to Singapore Airlines on 11th January. Equipped with four Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines, the second aircraft for the first A380 operator follows the delivery of the first A380 (MSN003) that took place on 15th October 2007.
The 2nd A380 (MSN005, 9V-SKB) will replace the 1st A380 (MSN003, 9V–SKA) for the Singapore-Sydney flights. The first A380 will undergo regular maintenance checks and then will be used for crew training till the 3rd A380 (MSN006 – 9V-SKC) will be delivered. The 2nd and 3rd A380 then will be used on flights to/from London.

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The second aircraft is fitted with the same spacious and luxurious cabin-interior Singapore Airlines revealed on the occasion of the delivery of their first A380, also featuring 471 seats in three classes.

Singapore Airlines’ second A380 will join the first aircraft, which has been operating a reliable daily scheduled service between Singapore and Sydney since 28th October, operating around 15 hours per day with a 100 per cent technical reliability for over two months to the satisfaction of the airline and the passengers alike.

At the end of 2007 the first Singapore Airlines A380 had accumulated over 130 flights and around 950 flight hours. Its operation confirmed the excellent turnaround time and high ground operations efficiency, as anticipated. More generally the A380 has been acknowledged as meeting, and often exceeding, the commitments made to its customers in terms of range, fuel burn, noise, and cabin comfort.

Source: Airbus