13 thoughts on “SIA A380 Cabin Interior Revealed – Pictures”

  1. Wait! in http://www.airbus.com/cabin-showroom/preview/index.jsp?article=0 (Cabin Showroom)choose the A380 Aircraft, the A380’s 1st class has a bed and has more leg room set it for you self in the photos; videos. But in Singapore Airlines A380 showed that it has a smaller room and in the aisle the seats aren’t individualized just like the show room used to. In the business class the seats looked similar to the Boeing’s 777 1st class and A340’s 1st class. The economy class also, in the showroom the economy seats are thick and more wider with personal armrests while in the pictures shown there is slightly a VERY BIG DIFFERENCE with what is shown in the Airbus websites “cabin showroom” http://www.airbus.com/en

  2. @ Jewel Japay:
    The Airbus Cabin Showroom is just showing concepts of cabin configuration possibilities. The actual cabin configuration is solely composed by the relevant airline. Again, the decision about the cabin configuration, actual used in reality, lies not at Airbus. Therefore the real cabin might differ from the concept examples shown by Airbus.

  3. I flew the SQ 220 between Sydney and S’pore as a passenger on economy class.
    my feelings: more room than many other airlines, on can work with a built in software in the video screen (word processor, spreadsheet ect.)and the video/musical program is equivalent to the business class. more over, the noise cancellation head set provide great hearing comfort, even if the flight is quiet.
    only problem, don’t drink too much during the flight since queuing in the aisle before landing can be boring in economy class !

  4. Well I didn’t know I was on such a swich aeroplane! But I realised once I flew one leg on a normal 747. Definately more innovative seats, as fair as when you recline, the bum part moves (who thought of that, and why only now?) Smart idea – a cup holder that doesn’t involve upfolding your tray table. Bigger entertainment screens. Handsets that easily retract, and are in the seat in front – which I found far easier than in the hand rest. And of course, SA staff are generally fanastic, to finish it all off.

  5. I do think that the plane is abit over the top why would you spend so much money on a plane just to travel to your desternation its a bit rad.!!
    Im not saying that the plane is such a bad idea but forking out loads of money on a plane takes the piss a bit.

    I would never spend that amount of money on a plane anyway and no way would i even let my children on the plane neither as they would be too much but also if i did have a room for me and my family it would still be a nightmare they would be in everything.

    So i would never pay that amount of money in my life and plus i dont have that kind of money to waste on a plane

    thanks sofiie

  6. Had a glimpse of the video of the aircraft A380 on U tube really phenomenal plane that is likely to dominate the skies for a very long time to come. My take is most airline the world over may not have the purse that could afford the aircraft meaning many passengers would never enjoy the advances in technological innovation the plane affords. Great plane.