Video - SAS Dash 8 crashed at landing

An SAS Dash 8 Q400 (LN-RDK / flight number SK1209) with 73 people on board crashed on Sunday in Aalborg, western Denmark during an attempted emergency landing. Prior to the landing was an unsafe gear warning of the right landing gear. The right landing gear collapsed seconds after touchdown. The right wing and engine contacted the ground and the right propellor penetrated the fuselage. The plane skidded off the runway and caught fire.
Fortunately no one was seriously injured. 5 passengers have been lightly injured during evacuation. That no one was seriously hurt by the propellor penetrating the fuselage is due to the pilots decision to move passengers seating in rows near to the wings, to the far back and front of the plane, before landing.

SK1209 damage - propellor penetrated fuselage

The accident was filmed by danish TV2. This flight was a code-share with Spanair, BMI and Lufthansa.
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Information about the second accident can be found here:
SAS grounds entire fleet of Dash 8-400 after another accident

Investigation - Preliminary Report:
Preliminary Report on Danish SAS Q400 accident

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  1. 1 Heikki Salama Sep 18th, 2007 at 9:21 am

    It looks like cargo room latch is open RH side in the rear fuselage. Or what is it?


  2. 2 Michael Sep 18th, 2007 at 11:41 am

    thats a stabilizer fin.
    Compare to this photo:

    Apart from that, there doesn’t seem to be a hatch at the back of the right hand side. The cargo room is located on the left hand side. ( )

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