Answers to Your Aviation Questions

Many users visit this Blog because of some specific questions they are looking for answers for.
Today I will address first of those questions to help you finding your answers quickly.

How many SU-37 does Russia have?
0! The SU-37 is a prototype aircraft and is not in production. Russia has not ordered any Su-37. In total only 2 fighters have been built. One of them crashed in 2002.

Is the A380 ready?
Yes! First delivery to Singapore Airlines will be on 15 October. Its first commercial flight will be on 25 October, to Sydney.

737-800 accidents
In total 7 so far. See for further information.

funny atc transcripts
Can be found at

How old is Travolta’s Boeing?
43 years (built in 1964). See for more information.

Hong Kong Airport whilst waiting for flight?
You can do several things while waiting at Hong Kong Airport, world’s best Airport. Hong Kong International Airport has world class shopping, dining and entertainment facilities. There is also a free Airport-wide Wi-Fi Service! Following links may help you.
HKIA Terminal1: Skymart, Passenger Guide
HKIA Terminal2: Skyplaza, Passenger Guide

Is flight-mode in phones safe to use?
Yes. Using Flight-Mode all phone functions are beeing disabled, so it’s not interfering with the sensible aircraft systems. In Flight-Mode it’s not possible to make or receive phone calls or SMS/MMS. Using the Flight-Mode is also recommended for use in hospitals.

Is the F22 Raptor the best jet?
Depends on your personal opinion. 🙂 In fact it’s one of the best jet fighters available today. If you like you can join the discussion at f-22-vs-su-37-vs-su-30-vs-eurofighter

Why Kingfisher chooses only Airbus?
Because they are smart enough. 😀 Seriously, they do not operate only Airbus aircrafts, they also use 10 ATR 72-500’s (22 orderd). Not using any Boeing plane may have financial and/or operational reasons.

Where are the F-22 Raptors based?
Tyndall AFB, Florida (43d Fighter Squadron)
Langley Air Force Base, Virginia (1st Fighter Wing)
Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan
Eglin Air Force Base, Florida (53d Wing)
Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska (53d Wing)
Future bases:
Hickam AFB, Hawaii
Holloman AFB, New Mexico

Why Airbus A380 2 reverse?
The Airbus A380 only has thrust reversers on the 2 inboard engines. The reasons for that are that you simply don’t need additional 2 reversers to stop the aircaft, weight savings, because of risk of FOD (Foreign Object Debris / Foreign Object Damage) since the outboard engines are hanging off the paved portion of the runway.

Why using composites in planes
Composite materials have lighter weight than traditional materials which results in fuel savings.
But composites are hard to inspect for flaws, some of them absorb moisture. Dangerous hairline cracks can happen which could lead to a fatal crash if not discovered and repaired immediately. Composites are more expensive than traditionally used materials due to complex and expensive fabrication. Furthermore it has higher maintenance costs and the repair of damaged parts is much more complicated and more expensive.
Aluminum is a very tolerant material and can take a great deal of punishment before it fails. It can be dented or punctured and still hold together. Composites are not like this. If they are damaged, they require immediate repair. An airplane made entirely from aluminum can be repaired almost anywhere. This is not the case for composite materials.

How many Boeing 787 have been ordered
706 orders from 48 customers so far.

How many orders Kingfisher gives to Boeing
0 😀

China Airlines – Boeing 737-809 what you should do
Follow the instructions given by cabin crew, leave back your bulky hand luggage and run run run…. 😀

What was John Travoltas first airplane
As far as I know a Ercoupe 415