Video of the Day – Antonov An-2 Engine Start Procedure

Look what I found on YouTube! 🙂
How to start an AN-2? Great video!

One thought on “Video of the Day – Antonov An-2 Engine Start Procedure”

  1. Hello

    I like your video I have two An-2 in Russia actually one in Odessa Ukraine and the other is in the Volga Delta I will fly them both to Kamchatka Russia next spring to carry my fishermen,300 miles North of Petropavlovsk Kamchatka putting my clients right on river where they will catch some of the largest Rainbows in the world I have been 5 years now putting this operation together It will finally happen.

    If people only knew what a great plane the AN-2 really is I have been a bush pilot in Alaska for the past 30 years, If I only had one of these there and could operate I could have made much money.

    I will have some open seats if you know anyone that would like to share fuel and expenses for the trip across Russia next June 2008.

    Best Regards,

    Larry Bryant