Flight attendant recalls a flight from hell

MSNBC published an unbelievable story about the ultimate flight from hell experienced by a flight attendant.

“Trips from hell — everyone has a horror story about a bad flight on an airplane. I’ve been a flight attendant for 18 years and I’ve had some really bad flights, believe me — everything from truly terrifying weather to sickness and deaths on board. But one flight stands out in my memory for sheer misery. Here it is:
We arrived at the gate about 5 p.m. for our 11-hour flight back to the United States, only to discover that we had a half-hour mechanical delay. The other flight attendants and I immediately became suspicious, because in the world of air travel, the words “half hour” and “delay” seldom occur in the same sentence.
Still, we were asked to board the airplane and perform our preflight checks. We would be told later when passenger boarding would commence. Exactly half an hour late” … Continue at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20053546/

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