EasyJet unveils ecoJet design

EasyJet has unveiled its design of a new short haul aircraft of the future, featuring rear-mounted engines, ultra light weight materials and forward facing wings.

easyJet ecoJet

The easyJet ecoJet would comprise the latest research by airframe and engine manufacturers around the world, all of which can be incorporated into an aircraft that could be in operation by 2015.

To succeed easyJet says the aircraft would need to be 25% quieter and would emit 50% less CO2 and 75% less NOx per passenger km than today’s newest aircraft.

Andy Harrison, easyJet chief executive, said: “The aircraft example we have unveiled today represents the next major step forward in airframe and engine technology. The lightweight structure and open-rotor engines are based on technologies that are being developed right now by the major manufacturers. The easyJet ecoJet is realistic and it is achievable.”

A key feature of the aircraft would be rear mounted, open-rotor engines that offer greater propulsive efficiency and are particularly suited for short-haul flights. A lighter airframe, similar to the current Boeing 787, would also be used alongside wings that face slightly forwards to reduce the wind drag caused by the fuselage on aircraft today.

“If the easyJet ecoJet were to be made available today we would order hundreds of them for fleet replacement and to achieve the ‘green growth’ that our industry has committed to,” Andy Harrison said.

Read more: https://www.easyjet.com/EN/News/easyjet_ecojet.html