Photos – Air France Flight 447 Tail Found

Today the vertical stabilizer of Air France flight 447 (AF447), Airbus A330-200 (F-GZCP / MSN: 660) has been found 400 miles northeast of the Fernando de Noronha islands off Brazil’s northern coast.

Air France Flight 447 Vertical Stabilizer

Air France Flight 447 Tail Fin

Air France Flight 447 (F-GZCP) Wreckage

Source: Brazil Air Force

3 thoughts on “Photos – Air France Flight 447 Tail Found”

  1. Good morning to all,
    I’m wondering if is possible to know the geographical position of the tail fin respect to the other rests of the plane; should be possible to re-built up a sort of hipotetic trajectory of the plane in the case of in-flight disintegration or the direction of the water impact during the ditching…..
    Tks in any case

  2. Hi Michael,

    Like Giancarlo, I am interested in where the tailfin was found relative to the centre of the debris field and when, as I am a freelance journalist and I am trying to put together an article on it.

    Your image is very interesting as it shows the tailfin virtually at the “back” of the debris trail.

    If you don’t mind, could you let me know if I can re-use the image legally? If not, where can I go to ask the person who created it?

    Also, have you, or has anyone else, come to any conclusions or conjectural conclusions about its relative position?

    Thanks very much,

    Michael Cosgrove