Plane Crash Captured On Video

Last Saturday an experimental single-engine seaplane (N169GW) crashed into Melton Hill Lake, Tennessee (USA), killing the pilot and his passenger.

An eye witness captured the crash on the following video.

Full length raw video:

8 thoughts on “Plane Crash Captured On Video”

  1. I can only pray that the family of these two men never find this video. After such a horrifying tragedy befell them, now they have to listen to a man cheer for their loved ones’ plane to crash. Whether a tasteless joke or not, so uncalled for.

    If this video posting is here to serve as an opportunity for other pilots to learn, so be it. But I see absolutely no need for the audio. I know as a society it’s all about shock value and we are all a bit jaded, but maybe a bit of respect. What harm could a bit of respect for life and for the hearts of those grieving the loss of two great men.

    If you care to know a bit about the pilot beyond what can be seen in a few seconds of footage and beyond the sad commentary, I encourage you to follow the link to see what a remarkable man, teacher, husband, son, and father he was.

    I’m sorry I don’t have information on the passenger.

  2. From a family member of the passenger “Ron Siedentopf” and dear friend of the pilot “Bret Smith”.

    I lost two of my best friends and an Uncle when this tragic event took place. Bret and Ron died in front of their families and friends.

    I don’t have much to say except please contact WBIR TV ( in Knoxville Tennessee and ask that they remove the images and audio. I have repeatedly asked that this be done and they have refused. They claim I am emotional and I am taking this personal. Hell yes I am emotional and I have taken this personal.

    I went to flight school with Bret – the pilot. He was no amature, daredevil or one time a year want to be pilot. To the idiots who say he was flying to low – it is a freakin’ seaplane. It lands on water. He was taking off and landing. Enough said!

    After seeing the wreckage and the way it was salvaged and dragged along the bottom of the lake and up a rock ramp, there is no way we will ever really know exactly how or why this happened.

    Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers over the past few weeks.

  3. My condolences to the families.

    If the slavaging was done as stated, we may never know how this happened. A double tragedy.

    Judging only from what I could see on the video, it has me wondering aboout this experimental
    aircraft’s stall/spin caracteristics, as it appears the plane was making a very steep turn,
    when control was lost. May also have involved a mechanical failure with flight controls.

  4. It’s a shame the video exists. As much as it may help in the investigation, the commentary is in such poor taste it should never have been preserved.

    To the family and friend of the pilot and passenger, my condolences and sincere apology for todays youth and their ignorance.

    To the people on the boat, I hope you learned something from this, and maybe in the future will keep your big mouths shut, and have a little more respect for others.

    A fellow pilot,
    Michael R

  5. am an airline pilot and don’t tolerate comments like this, no mather how they pushed 2 far their skills/machine limits. u never hope for something like this. what bugs me the most is you don t f… care care about life.

  6. Be careful with your words! I didn’t shoot this video and I didn’t comment anything! I just posted this video to share it with you fellow aviation friends! I’d never ever do such silly comments …