Photos – Embraer 190 Steep Approach Tests at London City Airport

Embraer now has another member of its E-Jets family, the EMBRAER 190, formally beginning its steep approach campaign to enable operations at London’s business airport, London City (LCY). This certification is expected to be earned by the end of 2009.

Embraer 190 Steep Approach Tests at London City Airport

In December 2008, Embraer and British Airways signed a contract for 11 E-Jets, composed of six EMBRAER 170s and five EMBRAER 190s, to be operated by BA CityFlyer. The first EMBRAER 170, already certified for steep approach operations, will be delivered in the second half of 2009.

E190 Steep Approach Tests LCY

The EMBRAER 190 will perform the steep approach with the use of a software solution developed on the existing fly-by-wire system, which means better flight qualities and control, reduced pilot workload, and less aircraft weight and maintenance costs. When departing from LCY, the EMBRAER 190 range will reach more than 800 nautical miles (1,500 km), covering all current routes operated from this airport and bringing additional flexibility for airlines to add more important European business destinations. The steep approach capability will also enable operations at other airports that require equivalent procedures.

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2 thoughts on “Photos – Embraer 190 Steep Approach Tests at London City Airport”

  1. Madness, complete and utter madness. I’ve spoken to some pilots from other airlines and they are now waiting for a major incident at London City Airport with this E-190 and the A318 about to use it.
    I hope their wrong. God help us all.

  2. Hey man, the maximum take off weight of the ARJ-100 (that lands everyday in LCY) is 42200 Kg and the maximum take off weight of the ERJ-190 is 47790 Kg.

    I don’t know what is the maximum landing weight for them, but do you really think it is too different?

    The ERJ-190 is not really much heavier that the ARJ-100, and it has the latest flight controls technology installed plus the latest in wing aerodynamics. While the ARJ is a project from the sixties.

    Not to mention Embraer’s safety record, which is outstanding.

    I will not talk about Airbus because I never worked with it. But I can tell you first hand about the ERJ-190 and the ARJ-100, because I have worked with both aircraft.