Embraer: Phenom 100 Delivered to Pakistan Air Force & Super Tucano Ordered by Ecuadorian Air Force

Phenom 100 Delivered to Pakistan Air Force

Embraer delivered the first Phenom 100 jet to Pakistan’s Air Force. The Pakistan government has acquired four of this aircraft model, which will be used to transport government officials of that country.

Pakistan Air Force Embraer Phenom 100

This is the first Embraer aircraft delivered to a customer in Pakistan, and it is also the first Phenom 100 to be operated by a government. The country’s Air Force chose this model after carrying out a detailed analysis of such aspects as performance, comfort, technology, acquisition price, and operating costs, among others.

The Phenom 100 jet can accommodate up to eight occupants. Its range of 1,178 nautical miles (2,182 km), including NBAA IFR fuel reserves, means the aircraft is capable of flying nonstop from Islamabad (Pakistan) to Karachi (Pakistan) or Katmandu (Nepal), from New York to Miami, in the U.S., or from London to Rome, in Europe.

Super Tucano Ordered by Ecuadorian Air Force

Embraer confirms signing the Ecuadorian Air Force (FAE) for the sale of 24 Super Tucano turboprop aircraft, through a contract that was finalized last year. The tandem seat airplanes will be used on border patrol missions and for pilot training. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in late 2009.

Ecuador Air Force Embraer Super Tucano

The deal with FAE includes an extensive Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) package and an advanced Training and Operation Support System (TOSS), covering not only the aircraft, but also ground support stations and a flight simulator.

This is the fourth export contract signed by Embraer to supply Super Tucano aircraft to a Latin American air force. In August 2008, the Company announced a contract with the Chilean Air Force (FACh) for the sale of 12 aircraft, and at the beginning of 2009 it
confirmed the sale of eight planes to the Dominican Republic Air Force. The Super Tucano currently operates in the air forces of Brazil and Colombia, successfully carrying out border patrol and other missions.

Source: Embraer
Photos: Embraer