Photos – Flight 1549 lifted out of Hudson River

Today the Airbus A320-214, N106US, of US Airways flight 1549 was lifted out of the Hudson River.

(Click on pictures for full size.)

Photo via Flickr by Kevinh_photos

Photo via Flickr by Lorcan Otway

Photo via Flickr by Lorcan Otway

Photo via Flickr by Lorcan Otway

Photo via Flickr by Lorcan Otway

3 thoughts on “Photos – Flight 1549 lifted out of Hudson River”

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  2. Will the birds take out the A350?

    This order is a clear endorsement of every member of our twin-engine product line,” said John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers. “These aircraft work hard for the airline, and have the right balance of characteristics to please our customer and their customers. With the A350 being a major part of this contract, we’re very happy US Airways has decided to expand its fleet types in parallel with the evolution of the Airbus product line.

  3. Not to take away from the wonderful outcome…but it could have been even better…
    Someone opened the left rear door after they landed in the water. Notice the left rear slide deployed. They didn’t get it open completely because of the water pressure, but that door opening is what caused the accelerated sinking of the plane. Different stories are out there as to who opened or tried to open the door but it was definitely opened enough to allow the slide to deploy and the water to come in the plane.

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