TAM Crash - Investigation blames Government and Airline Officials

More than one year after TAM flight JJ3054 crashed on landing at Sao Paulo, an investigation blames 10 government and airline officials for the crash in July 2007. The Airbus A320 crash was Brazil’s worst air disaster in history.

The investigation report states that the following factors led to the crash:

  • Lack of stricter rainy day landing rules for the short runway (Runway 35L length: 6365 feet (1940 meters))
  • No full repair of runway drainage system
  • Poor pilot training
  • One of the thrust reversers wasn’t working properly (Reverser number 2)

Video report by Associated Press

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  1. 1 ANGEL FERRER Apr 23rd, 2010 at 4:14 am

    Question, who die in this fly, can you tell me if in the plane fly Daniel Ferrer or somebady whit this last name

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