Aeroflot Boeing 737 Crashed near Perm (Russia)

An Aeroflot-Nord (Aeroflot’s regional airline) Boeing 737-505 (VP-BKO), flight 821 bound from Moscow to Perm (Russia) crashed as it was preparing to land early Sunday. According to news sources radio contact was lost during approach at 1,100 metres (3,600 feet). The wreckage was later found outside Perm, which is located near the Ural mountains. The plane burned on the ground for two hours before fire crews extinguished the blaze. All 88 people aboard have been killed.

AP is reporting that eyewitnesses described hearing an explosion and did see that the plane was on fire when it was “still in the air and it looked like a rocket and crashed near the building”.

Russian officials say passengers included nationals from Azerbaijan, Ukraine, France, Switzerland, Latvia, the United States, Germany, Turkey and Italy.

Video by AP

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