Safety Report – 07/24/2008

Date & Time: 07/24/2008 04:14
Location: Denver, CO
Aircraft Type: Airbus A319-114 Registration: C-FYJP
Operator: Air Canada Flight: 1042
Phase: Take-off
Damage: Unknown
Injuries & Fatalities: None
Description: On takeoff a right main tire blew. The aircraft returned and landed without incident. Passengers deplaned by stairs.

Source: FAA
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5 thoughts on “Safety Report – 07/24/2008”

  1. I was on this flight and this report seems incomplete. According to the stewardess, the tire was damaged on the aborted take off and pieces may have struck the wing of this plane. When we took off the second time, after waiting an hour and a half, and without any check to the plane’s body, the plane wobbled in the air and struggled to get up.

    I could feel something wrong with the right landing gear as I was sitting at the back over that gear.

    Something is fishy here.

  2. I was also on this flight as well and can add a few things. When we first were told that we were going back the Captain said that the plane was having a “control issue” and that we would be returning to Denver. After we seemed to attempt to land a few times with all of the passengers braced for an “abnormal landing” the pilot announced that they were having an additional problem with the landing gear and that we were going to circle DIA while the worked with the tower to try and sort it out.

    Then he eventually announced that they had corrected the problem with the landing gear. He said something like “we got the microswitch to work.” Shortly after that we had a normal, if somewhat rought landing.

  3. I should say also that we were told that the plane that was coming to get us the next day had to turn around because it experienced mechanical problems…and the plane that I caught home the next day had air cabin pressure problems. We were told we might have to go back to Denver, but then Toronto said it was still face to proceed and we reached safely…though not my suitcase.