Centurion (Kalitta Air) Boeing 747 Crashed Near Bogota

Sad news again for Kalitta Air 🙁
Today a Boeing 747-209B(SF) (N714CK) operated by Centurion Air Cargo, leased from Kalitta Air, crashed on a farm near Bogota (Colombia).
Soon after departure from Bogota, the aircraft lost height, crashed on farmland, broke up and caught fire. At least 2 people have been killed on the ground. All eight crew members surprisingly have survived. Most of the wreckage is spread over wide area while the cockpit section remained intact, allowing the crew to survive inside. The aircraft bound to Miami (MIA) was loaded with flowers. According to local news, the pilot reported engine fire.

Centurion (Kalitta Air) Boeing 747
Credit: Associated Press (AP Photo/William Fernando Martinez)



15 thoughts on “Centurion (Kalitta Air) Boeing 747 Crashed Near Bogota”

  1. Again? Wow………lots of bad luck for Kalitta! Even though they had an apparent engine fire and loss of power in that one, shouldn’t the other three operating engines have taken them around at a safe altitude for an on-field emergency landing? Having done so surely would have been better for the two unfortunate souls living in a ranch house out in the middle of nowhere on top of which that monster B-747 landed!

  2. Two planes crashing in about six weeks and the loss of his son in a drag racing accident. It must be getting real hard on Connie. My heart goes out to Connie Kalitta and the rest of his family.

  3. He said during rotation the #4 engine sputtered to a stop….

    3 seconds later the #1 engine wound down…..

    Things got a little hectic then….

    Maybe another 10 seconds the #2 engine went pop pop pop (compressor stall) and quit….

    He only got to 400’ AGL

    The city was all around him….

    He knew where a field was….

    He kept the plane flying on the one engine to make the field and skidded it in…

    Then I find out this happened at night….

    No lights

    No night vision goggles

    The whole flight was about 4 minutes.

    All souls on board alive..

    They couldn’t get out of the plane…

    All the doors and hatches are jammed…

    For thirty minutes he helped comfort and stabilize others (with broke vertebrae in his back)

    Rescuers finally showed up and cut a hole in the plane for them to get out.

  4. This crew of 8 lost 3 engines on takeoff. They are heroes in my book. They had 3 minutes
    and 8 seconds to get to a field which the Captain Bryant Beebe knew of. In my book
    they all are heroes and did everything they possibly could.

  5. Why no recognition for the crew of the Bogata Kalitta crew? They are true heroes and the
    company doesn’t even care. What a shame. What is up with these people. How can you treat
    your employess like this.

  6. The men on board that flight are the best Capt.Beebe did what no one else could of he is the best and i am proud to be his son.

    4/9 cav A trp 1st cav divion
    partrol base dorria Iraq

  7. The pilots did an amazing job, and got very little credit at all. I flew to Bogota a month ago and thought about the miraculous job they did. They avoided hitting a heavily populated city by going for the field..

  8. In between TWA and American I flew for Kalitta and have to say that I was amazed at the quality of people they have working there. It is amazing that that so few people are aware of what happened in Bogota because I don’t think any other crew could have done better. This was a truly amazing job and Capt. Beebe should be offered a job flying for NASA after this. I wish the best for you guys. Thanks for saving so many lives on the ground.

  9. You guys have got to be kidding me…Connie Kalitta and Doug Kalitta are garbage. Scott Kalitta burning?….couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. You have to work for these inbred jokers to know what they’re really like. Hey Drag Race Fans…don’t fool yourselves…these guys would throw their mother in front of a fast moving freight train to gain a dollar. Two words that will bring to mind what happened in Brussels, Bogota, (and Bogota again just within a month with an air return): BAD MAINTENANCE. That’s right guys, bad maintenance. These Kalittas intentionally hire people with criminal records so they can hang something over their heads. They have no where to go so the Kalittas hang them out to dry if they don’t do what the Kalittas want.
    Example: Kalitta Charters II…4 B-727s and 1 DC-9. The Director of Training (L. Brogren)arrested in Ft. Wayne Indiana (check out the newspaper article on the net)for faking a prescription for 120 tablets of a narcotic…loses his medical (according to him because he got addicted on prescription pain killers–yea, right) and has a felony record with no chance of getting his license(s) back. The General Manager (C. Handlon) arrested for assault and battery for slapping around his USAir girlfriend; arrested in Canada for having an arrest warrant for failure to appear in court on the charges of the assault and battery–unable to become the Director of Operations because of his background and just mere stupidity (yea, his daddy’s an attorney so he “thinks” he’s an attorney). Sorry folks…these people are jealous, inbred, deceitful, and nauseating. The Kalittas? Pure scum. I know…I worked for them.

  10. Captain Bryant Beebe is our hero. His family is so proud of him and so grateful he is with us today because of his talent in being a pilot. If not for that talent, everyone on board that flight would not be with their families today. Some still are struggling with medical issues, but they are here to struggle and that’s what matters. They should have gotten more recognition than they got, but since it was not on US Soil, they didn’t get all the glory they deserved from TV or media. It’s just a shame.

  11. I live in Bogota, and had the chance to visit the crash site a couple of days after it happened. GOt to tell you, really, those guys are heroes to me, it was impossible for them not to crash, they just went for the field instead of going to down into a nearby town, where casualties would’ve been in the vicinity of a couple of hundreds (remember this happened late at nite). About Kalitta, I’ve heard some ugly things that company have done down here, and specially, to the only victims on the ground, where they really have behaved like pigs to those poor people, and I know that because I’m a friend to one of the doctors who still sees the women that survived (please don’t think Kalitta took the bill……).

    I haven’t heard anything on the crew after the accident, but hope everyone is OK by now. And trust me, those guys really are heroes.

  12. I read about this crash just last month.. JUST LAST MONTH in a flight magazine.. My heart goes out to the crew and families, whether or not the Kalitta Family is good or bad, lets focus on this crew and the amazing efforts that made to save lives. Capt B you and your crew are in my prayers! I wish you all the best and pray for a safe and good recovery! God Bless you all!~

    Semper Fi!