Photos – A380 Pioneer Pilot Signatures

I recently spotted special markings on both nose gear doors of F-WWDD (Airbus A380-841 – MSN 004). On the left door Singapore Airlines A380 pioneer pilots have left their signatures, the right door has been signed by Qantas A380 pilots. Some of the Qantas signatures are marked with dates “3/5/08” and “15/5/08”.

A380 Nose Gear Door Pilot Signatures - SIA
A380 Nose Gear Door SIA Pilot Signatures
A380 Nose Gear Door Pilot Signatures - Qantas

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One thought on “Photos – A380 Pioneer Pilot Signatures”

  1. Hi Michael,

    I am putting a picture book together for my father in law who is one of the Qantas pilots who signed the A380. I wonder if you would be able to send me a hi-res picture of your picture for me to use?

    Thank you in advance,