Video – TACA Airbus A320 Overshot Runway in Hunduras

TACA International Airlines flight 390 – an Airbus A320-233 (EI-TAF) – overran the runway after landing at Tegucigalpa (TGU), the capital of Honduras, and slammed to a stop on a city street. At least one passenger died and several others were injured.

Raw video by AP

TACA International Airlines flight 390 is a regular flight from San Salvador (SAL), El Salvador to Miami (MIA), USA with an intermediate stop at Tegucigalpa (TGU), Honduras. The A320 took off from San Salvador around 09:05 and landed at Tegucigalpa’s runway 02 around 09:40. Runway 02/20 is a 6112 x 148 feet (1863 x 45 meters) asphalt runway.

The Weather around the time of the accident (15:40 UTC) was reported by the following METARs: MHTG 301500Z 19004KT 2000S -DZ FEW008 BKN020 OCV080 21/19 Q1016 2KM S SW WSW D/C 8KM PCPN CL HZ= [Wind 190 degrees at 4 knots, light drizzle, Ceiling 2,000 ft. broken clouds, few clouds at 800 ft., overcast 8,000 ft., Temperature 21°C, Dewpoint 19°C, QNH 1016 mB] MHTG 301600Z 20009KT 3000SW -DZ FEW006 BKN020 OVC080 22/20 Q1017 3KM SW WSW W 8KM CTE E PCPN CL D/C UNL HZ AVION DE TACA ACCIDENTADO EN LA PISTA 19 EN EL AEROPUERTO TONCONTIN=

At the morning of the accident, tropical storm Alma buffeted Nicaragua’s Pacific coast but was losing force as it headed inland over southern Honduras.

Source: Aviation Safety Network