Video – The 3 types of planes in Red Bull Air Race

Watch this video and learn more about the airplane types used by various pilots in the Red Bull Air Races.

The MXS is a new breed of aircraft representing the latest in state of the art design and technology. The plane was designed using advanced computer solid modeling with emphasis on aerodynamic efficiency. The MXS stands alone in that it is constructed entirely of “Aerospace” grade carbon fiber which provides superior strength and durability never before seen in an aircraft of this type. The technologically advanced MXS is expected to set a new standard in overall aircraft design for the Red Bull Air Races.

Edge 540
Zivko Aeronautics of Oklahoma, USA had a mission to produce a plane that could perform precise standard maneuvers at speed and leave ample creative room for professionals to develop new figures. The result of is the Edge 540. The small one-seater airplane (a two-seater version is also available) is as precise and controllable as it is aggressive. The Edge is a ‘Shoulder Wing’ plane with extremely stiff wings. The use of a steel tube frame with composite fairings results in an extremely light, durable and stable fuselage. The Edge 540 has the highest aerobatic thrust to weight ratio of any competition aircraft.

Extra 300SR
The competition format of the Red Bull Air Race requires a standard of airplanes which so far has not been produced in aviation history on an officially certified level. ‘Extra Aircraft’, with its long experience in building world leading aerobatic airplanes, has now developed a race tool to meet today’s requirements for the new format of the Red Bull Air Race. The aircraft meets the demanding and stringent limits of the German Aviation Authority “LBA” (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt) as the acting authority for EASA (European Air Safety Agency). The design pays special attention to an aerodynamic wing optimized for low drag and high lift. Overall weight was drastically reduced within the technical boundaries for safe operation. The result is a plane capable of flying in a wide speed range, giving the pilot the option of flying very sharp turns at relatively low airspeeds.