Pictures – Ryanair Boeing 737 skids off runway in Limoges

Yesterday, 21 March, a Ryanair Boeing 737 operating from Charleroi (Belgium) to Limoges (France) as FR1216 failed to stop on the runway and came to rest in the grass after runway end. None of the 175 passengers and 6 crew members got injured. Passengers have been evacuated using the slides.

Source: Liveleak
THX to “Prop-er”!

5 thoughts on “Pictures – Ryanair Boeing 737 skids off runway in Limoges”

  1. Ryanair pilots are under pressure from the top. I hope the pilot does not lose his job but reckon he will even if it was not completely his fault which I beleive it was not.

  2. The point is, Ryanair chooses local airports giving huge subsides to host their flights, and most of these are not fit for such aircrafts as Boeings 737 to land. No surprise this one overran the runway and be sure a lot will follow its track, in Limoges or elsewhere.

  3. Ryanair pilots are some of the best trained pilots out there. All of the routes and airports are well within the Boeing 737 limits and are strictly governed by both Irish and European guidelines… otherwise they wouldn’t even be allowed to take-off! In aviation mistakes DO happen, but the 737 and Ryanair both have superb safety records.