Safety Report – 03/03/2008

Date & Time: 03/01/2008 16:12
Location: Dallas, TX
Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-3H4 Registration: N652SW
Operator: Southwest Airlines Flight: 15
Phase: Other
Damage: Minor
Injuries & Fatalities: None
Description: N652SW, on pushback from the gate was struck at the tailsection by the winglet of another aircraft, N741SA Southwest Airlines flight 411 a Boeing 737-7H4, which was taxiing to a gate – Dallas Love Field

Date & Time: 03/02/2008 20:00
Location: New York LaGuardia, NY
Aircraft Type: McDonnell Douglas MD-82 (DC-9-82) Registration: N7528A
Operator: American Airlines
Phase: Standing
Damage: Minor
Injuries & Fatalities: None
Description: While parked at the gate, a tug struck the nose section of the aircraft

Date & Time: 02/29/2008 19:30
Location: Detroit, MI
Aircraft Type: McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 Registration: N967N
Operator: Northwest Airlines
Phase: Standing
Damage: Unknown
Injuries & Fatalities: None
Description: Aircraft was struck by a deicing vehicle at the right wing

Source: FAA
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