Video of the Day – Ilyushin IL76 Close Call

An Ilyushin IL76 nearly runs out of runway at take-off! The freight aircraft was heavily loaded for an 11 hour flight on a warm day. Typically, warm weather reduces the engine performance. According to the videographer, most aircraft usually use about two-thirds of this runway to take off.

2 thoughts on “Video of the Day – Ilyushin IL76 Close Call”

  1. He backtracked because he had no choice, as there was no suitable taxiway to the threshold. He also wasted (just) a little of the available turning space. He also sat for about eight minutes at the holding point because of a landing sequence. Add that fuel burnt on the ground to his final actual take-off weight and the whole thing seems scarier.

    What you can’t see in the video is the approach lighting which leads to the opposite threshold, and his main gear must have been close to the first of those poles.