Video – In-Flight Panic Attack

I found this video on YouTube, showing a man, obviously having a panic attack, on an Air Canada flight to London. It’s quite astonishing how professionally this situation was handled and everybody stayed calm.

The publisher of this video added some notes to describe the situation:
#2 We kept filming this because we were concerned for the man re: recent Vancouver airport incident
#3 He is not a prisoner being deported. Where he is in the video isn’t his original seat. He was brought to the middle aisle so that he could be better restrained by the man sitting on each side of him. Several plastic cuffs were brought out by the flight attendants almost as soon as the man started yelling
#4 Yes it was scary at times, but the crew and a couple of fellow passengers did an excellent job and I commend them, I also commend the calm nature of my fellow passengers despite the unsettling circumstances.
#5 I was awoken by his screaming, so I’m not positive if he was set off by anyone. I do know that a large white British man would walk by him and antagonize him. This was equally annoying, because it was usually when the man had quieted down.
#6 This man is likely Indian decent, he mentions Muslims, but its not exactly complimentary, HOWEVER I could really care less about this – didn’t matter to me who was screaming – white, Chinese, innu – it would have been equally unnerving.”