Ryanair to go transatlantic

Ryanair intends to launch a no-frills long-haul airline around the turn of the decade serving five or six US cities from its 23 European bases and offering fares as low as $12.

The new carrier will operate independently of Ryanair with its own executives and board and a different name and buy a fleet of up to 50 Airbus A350s or Boeing 787s at a time when chief executive Michael O’Leary expects prices to dip following the current surge in orders.

With “the cheapest fare €10 ($12)”, O’Leary expects the services, to secondary airports such as Baltimore, Providence in Rhode Island and New York Long Island Islip Macarthur “to be full”. He expects sales of food, drink, duty-free goods and in-flight entertainment to be a major revenue earner.

However, the new airline will have a “premium class” pitched against “the best in the business” such as Virgin Atlantic.

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