AeroLogic orders Boeing 777 Freighters

Boeing today announced that Deucalion Capital VII Limited (“Deucalion”), a company advised and managed by DVB Bank AG, has purchased eight Boeing 777 Freighters for lease to AeroLogic, a new joint venture airline formed by Lufthansa Cargo and DHL Express.
This news is no surprise. DHL & Lufthansa Cargo already stated in September last year, that “the new cargo carrier will operate Boeing 777-200LRF aircraft”.

The eight 777 Freighters were ordered by Avion Group of Iceland in 2005. Avion Group terminated its order and the airplanes were picked up by Deucalion in late 2007.
Deucalion will lease the freighters to AeroLogic, the joint venture first announced by Lufthansa Cargo and DHL Express last year, for cargo services on European-Asian routes. AeroLogic will operate out of Leipzig/Halle, Germany.
“The 777 Freighter’s twin-engine fuel efficiency, low noise and overall capability are perfectly suited for our new cargo service out of Leipzig,” said AeroLogic Managing Director Dr. Thomas Papke. “Its combination of long range and maximum payload make it a highly economical and profitable freighter. I can’t imagine another freighter that would work as well as the 777 Freighter in meeting our demanding environmental and performance targets.”
The 777 Freighter will be capable of flying 4,885 nautical miles (9,045 kilometers) with a full payload, making it the world’s longest-range freighter.
The 777 Freighter will feature unmatched capacity and range for a twin-engine freighter and is designed to facilitate seamless interlining with the 747 freighter. With a maximum takeoff weight of 766,000 pounds (347,450 kilograms), the 777 Freighter will have a revenue payload capability of more than 226,000 pounds (103 metric tons). In addition, the 777 Freighter will meet QC2 noise standards for maximum accessibility to noise-sensitive airports.

I can’t wait to see them flying 😉

Source: Boeing