Cathay Pacific with new Economy Class

I’m pretty impressed of Cathay Pacific’s new Economy Class seats, already introduced in May. Finally an airline is improving the poor Economy Class experience by innovating its seat design. Finally someone was researching on how to improve seating comfort for us tall people.
It’s no secret that I call Cathay Pacific my favorite airline, all the more I’m delighted about the improvements being made.

First of all, the most important improvement, the new seats have a fixed rear panel to allow reclining without intruding on passengers space seated behind. Using the LEAP Live Backâ„¢ feature, the seat is sliding to the front/down instead of tilting back. No more “seat-reclining-wars”, no more “bloody” knees – more leg space! 😀 Since years I’m waiting for this kind of improvement in Y class! 🙂

Cathay Pacific new Economy Class Seats

Furthermore, this technology provides active support of the spine in all positions, like sitting in a office chair, allowing better seating comfort. Additional comfort is provided by specially designed neck support with adjustable ears.

Cathay Pacific new Economy Class Seats

Some more quite clever changes have been made. The literature pocket has been relocated to below the seat cushion to create more leg room and a larger table offers increased comfort when dining. The new seats are also offering a coat hook to add more convenience.

Cathay Pacific new Economy Class Seats

The Personal In-flight Entertainment System has also been enhanced, now featuring a larger 9″ personal TV screen and Audio&Video on Demand.

Cathay Pacific new Economy Class Seats

Thank you Cathay Pacific!

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5 thoughts on “Cathay Pacific with new Economy Class”

  1. Truly the WORST designed seats ever. I flew from California to Hong Kong to Thailand. These seats had NO back support whatsoever. The face that it doesn’t recline should tell you enough on how torturous it is to sit in them for 14 hours. I WILL NEVER FLY CATHAY PACIFIC EVER AGAIN because of these seats.

  2. Well, I’ve been flying with them several times and I can’t really get your point. Actually they do provide pretty good back and neck support. By the way, ANA is using the same kind of seat in all of their Boeing 787 Dreamliners just because they’re indeed a huge improvement in terms of passenger comfort and freedom.