Skybus sending pigs into flight

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a….pig?? This holiday season, you may find yourself flying with pigs! Proving that pigs really can fly, Capital One put six giant pigs into flight today to make a point about its “too good to be true” features of the new rewards money market account. The pigs are taking flight on the exterior of a Skybus Airline A319 passenger jet, and the plane will fly passengers nationwide across the US for six months.

Skybus Airlines Airbus A319 Flying Pigs
Skybus Airlines Airbus A319 Flying Pigs

Skybus Airlines Airbus A319 Flying Pigs

The Capital One flying pig plane features six giant flying pig illustrations, adorned with bomber jackets, scarves and aviator goggles. Each of the pigs is approximately 10 feet high with a wingspan of 13 feet. For the next six months, flights on the Capital One Rewards Money Market pig plane will be available to the public on regularly scheduled Skybus Airline routes.

Capital One Financial Corporation’s new Rewards Money Market account earns consumers travel miles for saving money instead of spending it. The commercial jet will travel across the sky as a larger-than-life reminder that smart saving (putting your pennies in a Capital One Rewards Money Market account instead of a piggy bank) can really take you places. “Many consumers think that a product that rewards you for saving sounds too good to be true,” said Pam Girardo, spokesperson for Capital One Direct Banking. “So we decided to drive home the message in a visual way. If customers think they’ll earn rewards for saving money ‘when pigs fly,’ then we’ll put pigs in flight!”.

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  1. I would suggest that you carry a small pig on each flight, that is visible for the passengers to pass by as they enter the aircraft. Having a live pig on the flight will perhaps prevent muslim terrorists from flying for fear of dying with pig blood on them. Sincerely, Lue Rollins

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