A380 – First Commercial Flight (Pictures & Videos)

Today (last night even, depends on your time zone) the Airbus A380 successfully did its first commercial flight from Singapore to Sydney. The returning flight from Sydney to Sigapore will be tomorrow on 26th October, departing at 16:00 and arriving at 22:15. These two flights are special charity-flights that raised over $1.3 Mio. The normal scheduled services will commence daily from 28th October.

Pictures – Each picture guides to a separate Flickr Gallery

a380 sydney a380 a380


Take off from Singapore from inside the cabin:

Landing in Sydney from inside the cabin:

Notice how quite and smooth it is!

Landing including ATC radio:CNN – Takeoff and In-Flight Interview
CNN – Landing at Sydney
http://edition.cnn.com/video/#/video/business/2007/10/25/quest.airbus.a380.experience.cnn (Really funny guy 🙂 )
CNN – Before takeoff

I wish I were on this flight too 🙁 but once again the fun things in life are a privilege only to the wealthy and influential ones 🙁

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