Recent Incidents in US

Date & Time: 10/21/2007 01:07
Location: Fargo, ND
Aircraft Type: Airbus A320 Registration: N/A
Airline: Northwest Airlines Flight: 1432
Phase: Landing
Damage: Unknown
Injuries & Fatalities: 0
Description: On landing, the nose gear caught fire and slid to a stop on the runway

Date & Time: 10/18/2007 17:10
Location: Dickinson, ND
Aircraft Type: Bell 206B Registration: N/A
Phase: Maneuver
Damage: Destroyed
Injuries & Fatalities: 1 pilot seriously injured
Description: Encountered crosswind and crashed. Weather was 31015KT 7SM -RA OVC029

Date & Time: 10/16/2007 14:35
Location: Boston, MA
Aircraft Type: McDonnell Douglas MD-88 Registration: N926DL
Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: 669
Phase: Unknown
Damage: None
Injuries & Fatalities: 1 Crew seriously injured
Description: A Flight Attendant sustained a serious injury to the hand, 20 miles from Boston – Plane returned and landed without incident

Date & Time: 10/15/2007 00:18
Location: Saint Cloud, MN
Aircraft Type: Bell 407 Registration: N407LL
Phase: Landing
Damage: Minor
Injuries & Fatalities: 0
Description: Landed hard

Date & Time: 10/15/2007 23:43
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-7H4 Registration: N405WN
Airline: Southwest Airlines
Phase: Standing
Damage: Minor
Injuries & Fatalities: 0
Description: Was struck by a baggage cart, while parked at the gate

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