Airbus will deliver first A380 to Singapore Airlines on 15th October

siaa380thumb.jpgIn line with the announced plan of delivering the first A380 to Singapore Airlines in October 2007, Airbus today confirms that the formal hand-over will take place on Monday 15th of that month.

After a dedicated delivery ceremony in Toulouse, the flagship of the 21st century will take-off for Singapore’s Changi International Airport within a couple of days. The new double-decker-aircraft will commence the world’s first A380 commercial airline-service between Singapore and Sydney on 25 October.

Being cleaner, greener, quieter and smarter, the A380 is already setting new standards for transport and the environment. Per passenger, the A380 has a fuel efficiency of 2.9 litres per 100 kilometres.

The A380 will provide more comfort in every class and more open space for relaxation. Passengers will enjoy a new way of flying while benefiting from the quietest cabin in the sky. The aircraft’s efficiency and advanced technologies will result in outstanding economics and higher operational flexibility. On the A380, seat-mile costs are 20 percent lower than any comparable aircraft and its range is also 15 percent greater.

Total orders and commitments for the A380 are today at 173 by 14 customers. The subsequent aircraft for delivery to Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airlines and Qantas