Having a little break

Flightstory.net LogoFlightstory.net” is having a little break for the next 2 weeks!
For the “Flightstory – Aviation Blog” this means that no new aviation articles will be posted during this time. Newly made comments won’t be get approved until then. However commentating is still possible. New comments will be saved in system queue and approved at later date.
At the “Flightstory.net – Aviation Story Database” (main site) newly submitted flight stories, crew hotels and comments will also not be get approved. But submitting is still possible as well. All submissions will be saved properly!

Flightstory.net is not dead so don’t remove the feeds from your feed reader! It will be back with new hot aviation articles. If some important news may happen it will be added later. Some new features are planned for the not so distinct future as well.

In the meantime please vote on these 2 polls to help improving flightstory.net. 🙂 Thanks for taking part!