5 thoughts on “TSA Stupidness at Indianapolis Airport”

  1. I’ve been given the extra special screening treatment a few times while flying in uniform. I always thought it was kind of ridiculous but I suppose if it became routine to just let us through no questions asked, someone would exploit it.

  2. Uh, anyone who believes this is as gullible as the news media hopes. These guys are checked at a separate location at the airport that has nothing to do with civilian air travel. Oh, and the TSA isn’t even involved with checking the military personnel out, either. There is no need. Amazing how many of these “urban legends” people will believe lol

  3. I can and do believe this…I have 18 plus years as a Military Policeman in the US Army. I have had my own encounters with the TSA and their foolishness while on official orders. Here is a specific incident that took place in 2002. Another MP and I were escorting a convicted prisoner from Fort Polk, LA, to Fort Knox for his term of confinement in the regional confinment facility there. We were all in full uniform. While taking this adjudicated prisoner through the TSA screening in the Nashville Airport, I was rather impolitely informed by the TSA screener that hand and leg irons were not permitted on the aircraft. A “discussion” ensued wehrein I informed the screener she was incorrect and requested a supervisior. She refused to summon one and it took the intervention of a TN National Guard MP on duty providing security at the airport to get a supervisor…one armed with the FAA SOP on what can and cannot enter the airplane. Guess what, hand irons and leg irons are permitted. The TSA is not simply incompetent…it is an actual threat to your civil liberties and should be abolished before it spreads. Read the law that created the TSA. It is not limited just to our airports. It can actually reach out and touch all facets of transportation under the plain language of the law. In other words, if the TSA decided it needed to secure our highways it could…it could bring warrantless searches and abuse of your person to you before allowing you to enter your own car and drive on our highways. Think about that for a moment…read the law, don’t take my word for it.