Schedule – Lufthansa A380 Test Flights

Some news for our German visitors. 😉 Lufthansa’s new flagship, the Airbus A380, will undergo a number of test flights in early June.

Before the first Lufthansa Airbus A380 flies the German soccer team to Johannesburg (South Africa) for the Football World Cup on Sunday, 6 June, Lufthansa will carry out numerous flights. The flights – with no passengers on board – are required as part of the qualifications for pilots to acquire a licence to fly this aircraft type. In addition to take-offs and landings, the flight tuition includes line training on scheduled routes to prepare the pilots to operate scheduled services for the airline with the A380.

The Lufthansa A380, named “Frankfurt am Main“, will be seen at the following airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

Monday, 31 May
Full-day flight training at Karlsruhe Airport.

Tuesday, 1 June
Full-day flight training at Leipzig Airport.

Wednesday, 2 June
Line training on the route Frankfurt – Stuttgart – Zürich – Vienna – Dresden – Linz – Munich – Frankfurt.

Thursday, 3 June
Line training on the route Frankfurt – Berlin-Tegel – Hanover – Hamburg – Bremen – Düsseldorf – Cologne/Bonn – Frankfurt.

The first Airbus A380 is scheduled for delivery to Lufthansa on 19 May.

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