Video – Dangerous Landing at Toncontin

Loyal blog reader “prop-er” sent in this crazy video, showing a very risky landing of a Boeing 737 at Toncontin International Airport (TGU/MHTG), Honduras. I won’t spoil this breathtaking video, you just have to see for yourself! Just for your information: The runway is only 2163m (7096ft) short.

6 thoughts on “Video – Dangerous Landing at Toncontin”

  1. What the heck was going on in that cockpit?

    The approach was simply horrible: that steep turn just a couple hundred feet over the land and then, overspeeded, they couldn’t avoid the ground effect and so they landed (as they say in the video) just in the middle of the runaway.

    There are even 747’s in the airport so the landing shouldn’t be that complicated.

    Those two cannot be called pilots. They should be called terrorists. I wouldn’t like to be inside that aircraft at that moment.

  2. The pilot obviously blew the approach and should have executed a go around. Remind me not to ever fly this Airline. The runway is more than adaquate for a 737 if the approach is even reasonable.

  3. I have made hundreds of landings with the 737 into “Tagu”. On that particular approach there is a 7 degree Glide angle to the runway. You MUST be configured and on speed as you turn final and on the 737, FULL FLAPS and practically unspooled ” over the fence” You plan to land on the numbers…This is a Special Qualification Airport. The bigger aircraft seen on the tarmac have better performance than the 737….never underestimate “Tagu”….or it will hurt you !