Emergency Landing at Lanzarote

An airplane with 140 passengers on board has been on the verge of crashing yesterday during take off of the airport of Lanzarote.

According to AENA sources an Air Plus McDonnell Douglas MD-88 underwent an electrical failture at one of its engines during takeoff. Despite the sudden power loss the pilot was able to stabilize the plane and gain enough height to avoid collision with near highway LZ-2 (Arrecife-Tías). Further on he was able to gain sufficient height to return and to make an emergency landing at Guacimeta Airport.

The plane, headed for Barcelona, was evacuated on the runway and instantly all fuel pumped out.

No one was hurt and all passengeres arrived their destination with 11 hours delay unsing a stand-by machine.

Note: Some sources report a different aircarft type, eq. a Boeing 737. But it’s clearly seen on the picture that its an MD-88.

*Thanks to Andrew for submitting this news!