Photos – Boeing Announces BBJ Convertible Availability

At EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition) Boeing today announced the availability of the BBJ Convertible (BBJ C).
Boeing Business Jet
The Convertible version of the BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) allows the airplane to be reconfigured from all-passenger to all-cargo configuration in less than 8 hours.

Governments, corporations and private individuals can quickly change from transporting VIPs, staff or troops to delivering disaster-relief supplies or configuring for medical evacuation. There is room for transporting tools, parts and machinery; race cars or race horses; or equipment for touring bands and musicians.

Boeing BBJ Convertible Cargo Door
Boeing Business Jet Convertible (BBJ C) Passenger Cabin
BBJ C - Boeing Business Jet Convertible - Cargo Hold

Boeing recently finalized an agreement with Greenpoint Technologies to provide 747-8 VIP owners and their chosen completion centers with a kit that adds 75 square-meters of space to the airplane’s crown. The Overhead Space Utilization or OSU kit is installed post production above the main cabin ceilings between doors three and five. The kit includes stairs from the main deck to the space above. Greenpoint offers three artistically engineered OSU designs.

BBJ owners receiving their airplanes after mid-2011 will reduce fuel consumption by 2 percent through a combination of airframe and engine improvements that Boeing announced in late April. Airplane structural improvements will reduce drag on the airplane, reducing fuel use by about 1 percent.
Boeing’s engine partner, CFM is contributing a further 1 percent fuel savings through hardware changes to its CFM56-7B Evolution engine.

Source & Photos: Boeing