787 Completes Fuselage Barrel Test

The composite technology, design and construction of the 787 was proven during a series of testing scenarios conducted beginning in late 2007 and concluding this week. The tests were performed on a composite fuselage test section and are part of Boeing’s certification efforts for the 787.
“The tests were very successful – they couldn’t have gone any better,” said Kevin Davis, 787 fuselage authorized representative and leader of the testing.
Boeing engineers proved the composite barrel design through a series of incremental tests that first took the barrel to limit load, a test condition that simulates the most extreme conditions expected to be experienced in the life of the airplane.
Next, the test article was taken to 150 percent of limit load – a condition called “ultimate load,” the level required for certification.
Finally, the team pushed the composite section past ultimate load well beyond ultimate load to a destruct-condition maneuver beyond two and a half times the force of gravity.
Testers observed audible indications of damage as the test progressed but the piece did not reach the level of destruction that had been anticipated. Boeing engineers now are performing an extensive inspection of the barrel and analysis of test results.
This robust test program is key to clearing the Dreamliner for first flight. Some testing on the composite barrel section will continue, but it is at Boeing’s option for additional learning. Additional static testing is required, and will be conducted, on a full airplane structure prior to first flight.

Boeing 787 Dreamliber Fuselage Barrel Test

Source & Photo Credit: Boeing

American Airlines 767 Emergency Landing at Manchester

A user at forum.keypublishing.co.uk is reporting, that on 02/23/08 an American Airlines Boeing 767-323/ER (N386AA) did an Ermergency Landing at Manchester (UK).
The plane had lost all fluids from the centre hydraulic system, therefore it landed without flaps and spoilers. Upon landing the bay doors were opened and she suffered a rather hard landing, resulting in two blown tyres. According to the source, the brakes overheated due to hard braking.

American Airlines Boeing 767-323/ER (N386AA) Emergency Landing Manchester

Visit http://forum.keypublishing.co.uk/showthread.php?p=1221162 for many great pictures of this incident.

Safety Report – 02/26/2008

Date & Time: 02/26/2008 04:20
Location: Jackson Hole, WY
Aircraft Type: Airbus A320-232 Registration: N442UA
Operator: United Airlines (Ted) Flight: 267
Phase: Landing
Damage: Substantial
Injuries & Fatalities: None
Description: On landing skidded and the right engine struck a snowbank, no injuries reported – passengers evacuated via slides
Weather: KJAC METAR 260255Z 04004KT 10SM OVC043 MO4/M06 A3020

Source: FAA
Correctness of this posting is not guaranteed & completeness not intended. This posting is just for informational purpose.

Safety Report – 02/25/2008

Date & Time: 02/24/2008 21:42
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-3H4 Registration: N648SW
Operator: Southwest Airlines Flight: 2809
Phase: Unknown
Damage: None
Injuries & Fatalities: 1 Crew & 5 PAX with unknown minor injuries
Description: While inflight encountered Clear Air Turbulence (CAT), causing 6 persons on board to sustain minor injuries, 20 miles from Las Vegas, NV

Source: FAA
Correctness of this posting is not guaranteed & completeness not intended. This posting is just for informational purpose.

GB Airways Co-Pilot Died In-Flight

A holiday flight from Manchester to Cyprus was forced to divert after the co-pilot collapsed and died during the flight.
The GB Airways Airbus A320, flight BA6826, with 156 passengers on board, was bound for Paphos but diverted to Istanbul on Sunday afternoon. The first officer became ill during the flight. The purser administered first aid while the captain diverted the aircraft to Istanbul. After landing the first officer was pronounced dead by the Turkish authorities.

Whole story at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manchester/7262380.stm

Very sad 🙁

Picture of the Day – TAM with new livery

Brasilian airline TAM recently introduced its new logo and corporate design.
The picture is showing one of TAM’s Airbus A320-232 wearing the new livery. Solely unique on this aircraft (PT-MZL) is a modified paint scheme, celebrating the new corporate identity with the signatures of TAM’s employees on the plane!

Safety Report – Northrop B-2A Spirit Crash

Date: 23-FEB-2008
Time: 10:30
Type: Northrop B-2A Spirit
Operator: United States – US Air Force (USAF)
Registration: 89-0127
C/n / msn: AV-12
Name: Spirit of Kansas
Fatalities: Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 2
Airplane damage: Unknown
Location: Andersen AFB, Hagatna – Guam
Phase: Take-off
The Spirit of Kansas crashed on the runway shortly after take-off. The aircraft was one in a flight of four B-2s that was returning to Whiteman AFB, Mo., following a deployment that began Oct. 5


Source: aviation-safety.net

Avianca takes delivery of first Airbus A320

Avianca took delivery of the first of three Airbus A320s (HK-4549) it has leased from CIT International, at a delivery ceremony in Toulouse, France. This paves the way to the subsequent delivery of 47 A320 Family aircraft (32 A320s and 15 A319s) the Colombian flag-carrier has directly ordered from Airbus as part of a complete fleet renewal programme. Avianca also has 10 A330-200s on order.

The A320s will help Avianca expand its network and open up new routes in the region. The aircraft will be able to accommodate 150 passengers in a spacious two-class configuration, offering passengers even more comfort with the increased personal space of the new state of the art A320 cabin. They will be powered by CFM International CFM56-5B engines.

The new cabin delivered to Avianca features the most modern design and technological innovations, derived from the A380. New smooth lines not only create an attractive ambience but also give more space at shoulder level. Increased Overhead Stowage offers 15 per cent more useable volume. The state of the art design gives a measurable noise reduction, while also decreasing the weight of the aircraft and thus making it more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

Source: Airbus

BOC Aviation orders 5 A330-200F

Airbus S.A.S. LogoBOC Aviation, the leading Asia-based aircraft leasing company, has signed a firm contract for five A330-200F cargo aircraft. The agreement was signed during the 2008 Singapore Airshow.

Previously known as Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise, BOC Aviation is headquartered in Singapore, with representatives based in Europe and the US. The company is wholly owned by the Bank of China.
BOC Aviation’s portfolio is one of the youngest in the leasing business and already includes the popular A320 Family and A330 passenger aircraft.

The A330-200F can carry up to 64 metric tonnes over 4,000 nautical miles/7400 km in its standard version. When selecting the optional payload mode operators can carry 69 metric tonnes up to 3,200 nautical miles/5930km.

Source: Airbus

Photos – Delta Flight 1877 Bird Strike Aftermath

On 02/18/2008 Delta Air Lines flight 1877, a McDonnell Douglas MD-88 (N935DL), reported a bird strike while decent into Austin, Texas. FAA reported that an inspection after landing revealed substantial damage to the aircraft. (Report)

Today I optained several photos and a small report from a passenger on this flight. Thanks again!
The damage can be clearly seen on the pictures below. The collision with the bird caused a huge hole in the nose of the McDonnell Douglas MD-88.

Passengers report:

The bird strike felt like the front landing gear suddenly dropped – we felt a slight jolt and then the captain came on the PA and nonchalantly (to his credit) told us that we’d just hit a bird and that we’d be continuing our descent and land in about 10 minutes. The only inkling I had that it might have been a big deal was when I noticed that we landed far away from everything and two huge firetrucks raced to either side of the plane.

Delta Air Lines Flight 1877 Bird Strike

Delta Air Lines Flight 1877 Bird Strike

Delta Air Lines McDonnell Douglas MD-88 Bird Strike

Delta Air Lines McDonnell Douglas MD-88 Bird Strike