Inside the Airbus A380 – Part2

The german newspaper “Sueddeutsche” just published a bunch of interior pictures of the Airbus A380.

Link: To browse those pictures, you need to click on “nächstes Bild”

Aside from that, you might be interested in my exterior photos as well.

A video from inside the Airbus A380 you can find in my previous article Inside the Airbus A380
There are also some In-Flight videos. Please browse they A380 Category to find those.

Inside the Airbus A380

This video is a must see! It includes great shots of the interior which gives an idea of how huge it is, a view out the window on takeoff from 4L at JFK, an interview with the flight testing engineer, an interview with the FO, and closeups of the first class bar and the cruise-ship-style spiral staircase.