Videos – Cebu Pacific Safety Dance

Well you probably have seen the famous Cebu Pacific Safety Dance already at various news channels. Anyway Cebu Pacific plans to roll this out onto more flights and now there’s even a male dance, too.
According to Cebu Pacific the safety demo dance is done at cruising altitude and a serious safety demonstration will be still conducted.

Male Version:

Female Version:

Kulula Air with New Funny Livery

South African low-fare airline recently came up with a brand-new, funny livery. One of their Boeing 737-86N (ZS-ZWP / OK-PIK), called “Flying 101” is entirely covered with details and funny remarks about the plane.

Photos – by Malcolm Nason

Kulula Air Special Livery

Kulula Air Funny Livery

Kulula Air Boeing 737-800 Funny Livery

Kulula Air Boeing 737-800 Special Livery

The captain’s window is marked with the big cheese (“captain, my captain!”), the co-pilot’s window with co-captain (the other pilot on the PA system) and the jump seat is for wannabe pilots.

In addition, the following descriptions of plane parts can be found:

  • galley (cuppa anyone?)
  • avionics (fancy navigation stuff)
  • windows (best view in the world)
  • wing #1 and #2
  • engine #1 and #2 (26 000 pounds of thrust)
  • emergency exit = throne zone (more leg room baby!)
  • seats (better than taxi seats)
  • some windows = kulula fans (the coolest peeps in the world)
  • black box (which is actually orange)
  • landing gear (comes standard with supa-fly mags)
  • back door (no bribery/corruption here)
  • tail (featuring an awesome logo)
  • loo (or mile-high club initiation chamber)
  • rudder (the steering thingy)
  • stabiliser (the other steering thingy)
  • a.p.u. (extra power when you need it most)
  • galley (food, food, food, food…)
  • boot space
  • ZS-ZWP (OK-PIK) = secret agent code (aka plane’s registration)
  • overhead cabins (VIP seating for your hand luggage)
  • fuel tanks (the go-go juice)
  • cargo door
  • aircon ducts (not that kulula needs it… they’re already cool)
  • front door (our door is always open … unless we’re at 41 000 feet)
  • cockpit window = sun roof
  • nose cone (radar, antenna, and a really big dish inside)

Perfect Gift for Aviation Enthusiasts

You’re looking for something to surprise a fellow aviation enthusiast or maybe even for yourself? Well, I’ve found the perfect gift!
Aviation humor and cartoon books from!

Aviation Humor Books

Each book contains brilliant cartoons, stories and anecdotes from the fantastic world of aviation. Some of the stories may have really happened, some just picture funny situations that, in some way, you may encounter everyday in aviation industry.

All of these books are created and published by two dutch ex Air Force officers. One was also flying as a captain for KLM. They started publishing their first book already in 1982, achieving great success worldwide!

These books are so much fun to read! Here are some examples of what you’ll get:

Aviation Humor Cartoon

After a lengthy delay at the gate while waiting to depart, the Captain finally came on the PA system and announced: “I’m sorry for the delay, but the machine that smashes your baggage and removes the handles is broken, so the ground crew is having to do it all by hand today!”

Aviation Humor Cartoon

A light twin had just landed on Runway 29. Missing the last turnoff onto Taxiway Delta, the pilot started to turn left onto Golf when the controller spoke up:
Tower: “N1234, that taxiway is approved for single-engine use only.”
N1234: “That’s okay, I’ll just shut down one engine.”

These books are a must-have for every aviation enthusiast and perfect gifts for Christmas or Birthdays!
Just head for and have a look for yourself!

Cartoons by

Guy flying non-stop for a month

A guy named Mark Malkoff recently just started a crazy journey. He’s traveling across the US, continually being on a plane for one month, only getting off to change to a different plane at an airport. During the whole trip he’ll solely be flying with AirTran.

You can follow his journey on Twitter and

Mark Malkoff is already known for living in an Ikea store for a week.

Mark Malkoff on AirTran

Hotelicopter – World’s First Flying Hotel

This summer the world’s first flying hotel will take off! The aircraft called “Hotelicopter” – a custom-built helicopter, actually the largest helicopter ever produced, will feature 18 luxuriously-appointed rooms for adrenaline junkies seeking a truly unique and memorable travel experience. On June 26th, 2009 the Hotelicopter will start to its 14 day Inaugural Summer Tour to/from New York – via Charleston, Freeport/Bahamas, Montego Bay/Jamaica, Santo Domingo/Dominican Republic, Nassau/Bahamas, Miami.
A California Tour and European Tour will follow in July.


Each soundproofed room is equipped with a queen-sized bed, fine linens, a mini-bar, coffee machine, wireless internet access, and all the luxurious appointments you’d expect from a flying five star hotel. Room service is available as well.


More on

Happy April Fools’ Day! 😀

Virgin Atlantic – World’s Funniest Passenger Complaint Letter

Probably the world’s funniest passenger complaint letter ever was sent recently to Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic. The passenger complaining about the quality of catering and in-flight entertainment was on flight VS351 from Mumbai to London Heathrow on 7th December 2008.

According to the Telegraph, Virgin’s Director of Corporate Communications confirmed that Sir Richard Branson had telephoned the author of the letter and had thanked him for his “constructive if tongue-in-cheek” email.

Someone has put together a video of this. It’s just hilarious!

Read the full letter at