Video – IAF SU-30 MKI Lecture by USAF Pilot

Flightglobal today posted an interesting link to two YouTube videos featuring an USAF pilot talking about the IAF SU-30 MKI (Indian Air Force) performance and some comparison to the F-22 and F-15.

If you’re interested in jet fighters, you should definitely check them out!

Watch videos:

2 thoughts on “Video – IAF SU-30 MKI Lecture by USAF Pilot”

  1. The following is a post from Bharat Rakshak (Consortium of Indian Defence Websites), claiming to be sourced from an IAF member at Red Flag, which de-spins/contradicts many of the remarks made in the video:


    On Ex Red Flag-the You Tube video- The other side of the Coin!!
    Posted by: *** ***
    Date: Wed Nov 5, 2008 11:51 pm ((PST))

    These are comments by a friend of mine-one of our top grade professional youngsters, and a participant in the recently concluded Red Flag Ex in Nellis AFB.

    1. No 1vs1s were flown during the Flag,nor did they engage in Thrust Vectoring(TV) then.IvIs were flown during the sorties in Thrust Vectoring(TV) then.IvIs were flown during the sorties in Mountain Home AFB and that too on the first day only! In none of these ex were the Su ever shot down or become vulnerable(This can of course be checked on the ACMI Pod films/casettes).

    2.The data rates of turn and TV with regard to the Su is grossly out- the ones on the F-22 may be closer to the truth!! The figures for the Su are very much more than that referred to in the video!!

    3.The Radar of the F-22 is superior to the Su presently!

    4.Fratricide by our side did take place, more due to not being networked-it occurred when the AWACS was not available(u/s) and a very poor standard of controlling by USAF controllers( terminology and accent).This was mentioned in the debrief.Surprisingly, Fratricide was present for the F-15C as well as other allied A/C. Considering that they were better networked( Link-16,IFF-Mode 4 etc), while we had nothing,it should be a matter of concern for them and not us!!

    5.FOD-Take-Off separation-was 30″ at Mountain Home but extended to 1min and known to all participants before the start of the Ex!!

    6.Incidentally,Mission achievement ratio was higher than 90%, whereas the mission success rates were significantly lower for the USAF, inspite of us op some 20000 kms away!!