Video – DHC-6 Twin Otter Crashed at Lukla – Nepal

A DHC-6 Twin Otter (9N-AFE) crashed on Wednesday on landing at Lukla (LUA/VNLK), Nepal, killing 18 of 19 people on board.
In fog the plane struck the airport security fence, crash landed and burst into flames.
The plane was loaded with tourists to go on a trekking expedition.

Video by AP

3 thoughts on “Video – DHC-6 Twin Otter Crashed at Lukla – Nepal”

  1. It is very sad news during the Dashain festival in Nepal. I read some better equipment could prevent this kind of accidents but apparently they are very expensive. May be government authorities and some organizations liase with equipment manufacturers and obtain some equipments that would prevent such accidents in future and save lives. May be certain percentage of fair would go towards paying for such equipments.

  2. Reply to: Deepak Bista’s comments

    A DHC-6 TWIN OTTER is a prop Jet (Turbine Engine) Aircraft perfect for this
    type of operation (High Altitude, Short Runway) Unless the aircraft was im
    poor mechanical condition, or overloaded. The most expensive aircraft made
    would not necessaraly avoid an accident that was possibly Pilot Error, or an
    aircraft malfunction