Montenegro Airlines orders E-195

Embraer announced the sale of the first EMBRAER 195 jet to Montenegro Airlines, today. The agreement with the airline from the Republic of Montenegro also includes purchase rights for two more aircraft of the same model.

The EMBRAER 195 for Montenegro Airlines will comfortably seat 116 passengers in a singleclass layout and delivery is expected in 2009. The company plans to use the new airplane for key markets on the European continent, including routes to cities like London and Moscow.

Montenegro Airlines Embraer E-195

Last June, Embraer delivered the first EMBRAER 195 to Montenegro Airlines through a leasing operation carried out by GE Commercial Aviation Services (GECAS). This leasing contract includes another aircraft of the same model for delivery next year that will increase the airline’s fleet to three EMBRAER 195s by mid-2009.

Photo: Embraer
Source: Embraer

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