Sad pictures – Concorde resting at New York Airfield

Really disturbing photos showing the retired British Airways Concorde G-BOAD were recently posted at

The photos reveal how bad this historic plane was treated over the past years. The nose cone broke off, the paint is peeling and birds are craping in its engines.

All photos at:

The Concorde was given to the USS Intrepid Museum New York, but was moved some years ago to Floyd Bennett Field.

The museum should be ashamed for treating their Concorde like that. There are literally hundreds of aviation museums all over the world which would be proud for having a real Concorde in their collection, but NY just parks her at some airfield like a piece of junk!

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  1. To be short – this is a disgrace. GBOAD should be returned to the UK immediately and kept somewhere where she will be appraciated. The fact thet Concorde should never have been retired in the first place (thank you, France) makes pictures like this even more gutting.

  2. typical careless yanks. they had no right to have one. This concorde should have been kept in the UK, her home, where she would have been cared for and appreciated. This has brought tears to my eyes. HOW DARE they treat her like an old banger in a scrap yard. I think she should be brought back home, or somewhere where she can be restored to all her glory. This is criminal. I cannot believe it!! They were always jealous of her anyway. Maybe they want her to rot through their jealousy! Well listen here yankies…you cant be best at everything you fools!!!

  3. Actually, the Intrepid has no plans for the Concorde to return to their Museum complex. It was not a big draw, and the maintenance costs were too high. Hopefully it will be purchased (donated?) and restored to a museum more worthy of having it.

  4. This made me scream in sorrow! I saw the image and figured the nose must have been taken off during transit, but no IT BROKE OFF. This is utterly disgraceful, it should have been kept in a hanger to start with, I understand it does take up a bit of space but to let it get that bad is shameful!

  5. i cant belive poore concorde can be treated like that its not fair i love concorde sosos much and i hate seeing her like that i am a pilot and i would of loved 2 fly her

  6. Broke off? The nose cone BROKE off? I mean, as in –CRACK– and there goes the nose? How is it possible that a nose cone of a supersonic airplane just breaks off like that?

    Oww, yeah, I understand… Because it’s in the USA… They probably just ignore the G-BOAD because they can’t use it for military purposes. She’s just not interesting for the Yankees.

    Of course, that does not take away the fact that it indeed IS a crime to treat a Concorde like this. I mean– a Concorde is for airplanes what a Stradivarius is for violins, or a Roll’s Royce for cars. As multiple persons already said, it IS an honour to have a real Concorde. The USS Intrepid Museum shoud be very grateful to recieve one as a gift. I may be wrong, but what they do to her – or what the DON’T do, actually – doesn’t seem grateful to me. This is not only a crime against the G-BOAD itself, it’s also a slap in the face of her designers, builders, the British Airways and everyone who likes airplanes.

    C’mon, yankees – don’t let the queen of the air rott away in some corner. Treat her the way she should be treated, or send her back to the UK.

  7. It is really sad to see that great plane in bad shape. I wanted to go to New York to visit tha museum because they had the Concorde, Now I feel discourage and sad. GF from Venezuela

  8. This is an absolute disgrace, YANKS!!!, hang your heads in shame. I will be bringing this issue to the attention of the house and demanding the return of this Aircraft immediately with all costs for shipping being borne by the American Govt.


  9. what happened to the aircraft is a huge disaster that involved a truck hitting the nose cone off and the people who own the aircraft are going out of there way to get a new one. Also the aircraft is only at the field temportary because the museum is going under renavations. The people who own the aircraft are very sorry for the aircrafts damage and they say that they are ashamed to be americans for letting this amazing aircraft get into this condition.

  10. Ok stop hating on the “yanks”. I’m American and come from a British family. My dad actually worked on the concorde when they were built. I can’t believe this bird is being kept in such poor conditions. But you don’t need to say “typical yanks”. Like we’re all so fucking awful. I’ve been to England several times, and theres some dumb shit going on in that country as well.

  11. when i lefted school my first job ,was working at B.O.A.C in weybridge surrey, we made parts for this beautiful machine , to see it sitting there in a yard like aload of scrap , is very sad , i still have a picture of the very last concord landing at heathrow , call sign speedbird 5 , r.i.p sadly missed

  12. It’s a sad picture for a once graceful bird but I do believe it has been repaired now.
    I’m English and think blaming the Americans for this is ridicules. It could have been parked anywhere in the world, accidents happen!
    I think it’s safe to say that the truck driver got the point.

  13. The USA should have never gotten a Concorde… they protested like crazy to stop it from flying there and lost. They tried to build 2 SST aircraft of their own and had to cancel. They ordered their own Concorde’s and cancelled… Get my point?? If they cared as much as they make out they would have at least tried to make it look like they cared all the way through and not just in the last few months of service till now!!!

    I understand the paint issue due to it being painted 10 years ago it was in need of a new coat soon anyway but the nose cone, that is DISGUSTING! BA should have seen that, formally tell them to sort it out fast and make sure nothing like that happens again and if they ignore that… cancel the contract and ship Concorde back home or find another museum that would care for Concorde or at least give her the respect she deserves! Sure us Brits can’t be that good of a role model with the way Airbus is treating G-BOAF or that BA have ‘no interest’ in Concorde but I am pretty sure they would never let this happen!!