Qantas A380 Cabin Interior Unveiled

Some photos of the Qantas A380 cabin has been unveiled. Their first A380 recently finished a cabin outfitting in Hamburg (Germany)

Photos:,22010,5031631-5006020-3,00.html (click on “next” for more)

First Class,22010,5031631-5006020-3,00.html

Business Class,22010,5031631-5006020-4,00.html

Economy Class,22010,5031631-5006020-5,00.html

The cabin also features a self-service beverage and food bar for economy passengers,22010,5031631-5006020-6,00.html

The design was done by Australian designer Marc Newson.

Are they serious with that? The green Y class looks like retro 60s/70s style.

More photos from a 2007 presentation:
First Class

Business Class

Premium Economy Class

Economy Class